Night Night, Jungle By Amy Parker {Book Review}

Night Night, Jungle was written by Amy Parker and illustrated by Virginia Allyn, is a sweet story that aids in lulling children to bed. This story takes place in a Jungle slowing down for the evening to rest their heads for the night ahead. The discovery of many different kinds of animal friends is a welcome surprise with the turn of every single page with this cleverly written and delightfully illustrated offering.

The story opens with the sun setting in the Jungle and the prompt for the reader and listener to find all the animals in this jungle to say goodnight. Throughout the story,  we see a family of lemurs praying in thanks to God, jaguars wrapping up their play, toucans brushing their teeth, chameleons curling up after a story, monkeys rocking to sleep, parrots being sung a lullaby, tadpoles taking a ride on their Dad’s back before dropping into bed, snuggling Lemurs,  and in ending an image of all the animal families asleep under the big moon.

The book is written in a rhyming way that flows pretty well when read-aloud.  The story has been well-received by my 22-month-old daughter. She is learning the names of new animals and she loves seeing the animals do things similar to her own bedtime routine. I feel the length is just right for a bedtime story for toddlers through kindergarteners depending on their attention span.

The illustrations are a delight to look at. So much detail has gone into all the scenes.  My daughter and I love looking for the animal that will appear on the next page on the current page. The moonlit star-filled sky is lovely and the other coloring is warm and cozy being absolutely perfect for a bedtime storybook.

I adore that at the end of the book there’s a reminder of God’s love and care. To rest easy knowing God will keep them safe is perfect.

Overall, this is a sweet book that’s great for both boys and girls. I love that it’s offered in board book format as I know it will be read again and again. This format is also easy to keep clean or to take along when a child may be away from home and needing something familiar to help them fall asleep.

Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the Book Look Blogger review program in exchange for an honest review.