Little Critter Little Blessings Collection {Book Review}

The Little Critter Little Blessings Collection by Mercer Meyer is wonderful. I have enjoyed this author’s work when I was a young child an am pleased that they are still offering new and relevant stories for our current generation.

Drawn in the same familiar art style and wording from the characters just like I remember it, these books have been a walk down memory lane. Nostalgia aside for myself,  these stories have been an entirely new experience for my nine, seven, and nearly two-year-old. How pleased I am that they’ve come to like the same characters that drew their own mom in. 

In this book, there are four stories; You Go First, It’s True, Being Thankful, and We All Need Forgiveness. Each of the stories offers very important life lessons to learn and apply to their own lives.  The stories focus on putting others before ourselves, telling the whole truth, being grateful for what we have, and forgiving others whatever the circumstance. I love how these short but deep stories help open the door for some hard conversations.

Story length is perfect for right before bed or at story-time in the afternoon. I like that my children took so well to the stories and that most of the things happening were they could relate too if not just recognize as something that could or would happen on any given day. I like that Little Critter isn’t perfect and he messes up just like we might. It helps to see this sort of character in stories for children.

These are moral, biblical based stories and God is mentioned a few times but no actual scripture references are given, for those wondering.

Overall, it has been a blessing to share this four in one book with my children! I can’t recommend it enough for children ages 4 and up!

Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the Book Look Blogger review program in exchange for an honest review.