Weekend Movie Spotlight: Bad Lucky Goat

“There’s a whiff of The Gods Must Be Crazy whimsy wafting through
Bad Lucky Goat, an affably quirky debut feature.” – The Hollywood Reporter
 “A genuine crowd-pleaser.” — Indiewire
Bad Lucky Goat is a movie I heard about and decided to check out.  We are goat fans in this house and a foreign movie about the adventures of two teens that revolved around a goat sounded like an amusing watch. I was pleased that I wasn’t wrong in that assumption.

This movie I’m going to put at PG for a family night.  There is mild language, a few characters drinking and smoking, illegal cockfighting going on, a small amount of violence, and a split second of a couple twerking ( not a very appropriate dance move)  in the background.  I would say totally fine for those 13 and up and it’s cleary up to parents or guardians to deem this worth a watch for younger kids. The teens in the movie make amusing choices, but not necessarily good choices, but it brings up some good discussion points.

The film is labeled as a Comedy and Drama and that it is. I don’t want to give the story away because it’s certainly more entertaining to learn how it goes from start to finish without really knowing anything about it.

The film is 76 minutes long and the DVD also includes a “Miss World” 20-minute short film.  Note that the movie is not in English but subtitles are available.

Overall, it makes for an interesting see. It was delightfully good going in not really knowing what expect.

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