Snow Days!

A winter storm arrived a few days ago and to the delight of many, we received several inches of snow strung out over a couple of days.  Snow is a lot of fun to play in and look at but not so fun to drive in. My husband had to stay home from work because the roads were a mess and we live up a hill that can be treacherous when there’s a mix of ice and snow upon it. 

Since we don’t usually see snow where we lived I always feel we are not fully equipped when it arrives! Next year I’ll try to have snow bibs and gloves for the kids so they can play a little longer in it before catching a chill. Perhaps I’ll find more knitting time and make several pairs of mittens out of some cozy wool.

Trying to get all three kids in a photo looking at the camera proves a challenge. There’s always something more interesting than stopping even for a second! But we all know the days are long but the years are so short! Working on slowing down myself and shifting focus this year…more on that later.

How has the winter season been in your neck of the woods?