Slime Sorcery Book Review and Recommendation!

My entire family really enjoys making slime. This odd but deeply satisfying concoction provides for hours of stress-free fun for those of all ages. When I heard about Adam Vandergrift’s book Slime Sorcery offering nearly 100 hundred slime recipes, I knew it needed to be added to our collection. 

Whether one is just looking for a science experiment, a party favor to make, or just a great time revolving around Slime, this is the book you’ll want to invest in. All slimes are borax free and list the exact measurements needed to create X amount of slime. The book is so simple to understand that even a kid could follow it on their own.

Some of the slime recipes in this book include Viral Slimes (popular), Fluffy Slimes, Crunchy Slimes, Edible Slimes, Jiggly Slime, and so many more! I was seriously surprised at what slime can be made out of! The full-color photos are excellent and no doubt will draw one to add many of the slime recipes to their to-do list. Slimes are all categorized and easy to find whether looking at the table of content or browsing through the chapters.

My kids (ages 9, 7, and nearly 2) love when I pull this book out to see if we have what we need to make certain slimes. From this book, we made first the basic slime and then the fluffy slime. Each of the slimes came out perfectly. My 9-year-old is already bookmarking what she wants to make next like glow in the dark and lava slime. Some of the slimes may get messy so a few likely will need to be done outdoors like the Bubble Slime which looks really awesome!

There are many ideas on how to fully customize each slime to your own personal preference whether that’s adding something to it to add extrasensory or food dye to make some neat colors. I appreciate the hacks for certain slimes if your slime is too sticky in what you can do to remedy that. Seriously, they’ve thought of everything.


Overall, we are very happy with this how to guide in making all sorts of slimes. I seriously recommend Slime Sorcery it to all that I know. No more searching online for recipes that don’t come out. The author of this book did a great job in offering a recipe book that is sure to please the masses when it comes to making this captivating substance.  Great for every home and school to get their hands on!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*