Five Services Provided by Today’s Librarians in a Public Library

Five Services Provided by Today’s Librarians in a Public Library

Not surprisingly, a library in operation today looks a lot different from a library operating 100 years ago. So, if you want to become a librarian, it’s best to know a little about the services provided by this professional in the 21st century. Look at five examples of services provided by today’s librarians.

Recommendation of Authors

A librarian recommends authors to people visiting the library. For example, a visitor may ask a librarian to recommend an author who writes suspenseful fiction, westerns or romance novels. A knowledgeable librarian will be able to recommend authors who are writing in various genres. Part of a librarian’s preparation for the job is to stay informed about authors working in many areas of the literary world and understanding the impact of books on people’s lives. In addition, it’s important for a librarian to be reading the latest novels as well as the classics to become a knowledgeable individual working in this profession. 

Assistance with Equipment in Library

Today’s libraries have a variety of equipment for visitors to use. Some examples include fax machines, copiers, computers and printers. A librarian knows how to use all of the equipment within a library and can give a crash course to a visitor who isn’t surehow to utilize a piece of equipment. Plus, the library should be able to show visitors how to use the electronic catalog to find any book or resource in the collection.

Maintaining the Library’s Collection

A librarian is responsible for organizing and maintaining a library’s collection. One example of this is checking in books returned by visitors. Another example is shelving books in the right sections and making sure the books on the shelves are in their proper places. An organized, neat library is easier for visitors to use and helps librarians to keep their records accurate while constantly adding materials to the collection.

Helping Visitors Checkout Books and Other Materials

Every librarian must be able to help visitors checkout books, CDs, DVDs, audio books and electronic equipment. Checking out these items in the proper way helps keep the library’s collection complete and allows librarians to track down missing or overdue items. In addition to helping visitors with checkout, a librarian must alert individuals of overdue items and inquire about missing items if necessary.

Guiding Students Using the Library

Some elementary, middle school, high school and college students use the public library as a study place after school. In many instances, a librarian is there to guide students as they work on their homework and other assignments for school. For instance, a student may ask where he or she can find information about a historical figure in order to write a report about him or her. The librarian should have an idea of the titles that will be helpful to the student. The more guidance and help a student gets from a librarian, the more likely the student will be to continue to use the library into adulthood.

Finally, these are just five of the services provided by today’s librarians. A librarian’s main responsibility is to guide and encourage visitors as they make good use of their local library.