Pink Zebra Soaks and Sprinkles {Review}

I recently was introduced to the US Based Company called Pink Zebra. This is a direct sales company that specializes in unique fragrances for the home or office. Their fun and fabulous fragrances are presented in the forms of Soaks and Sprinkles meant to be used in one of their Simmer Pots, Naked reeds Set, or solely as is. You are given full freedom to customize to your complete whim with their renewable and sustainable product line.

How pleased I was when the opportunity arose over the last few weeks to share my thoughts on a few of these companies products for myself. I was sent 1 Simmer Pot, 1 Jar of Sprinkles, 1 Bottle of Soaks, and 1 Naked Reeds set of my choosing. It took me awhile to decide on what because there are so many options. I was tickled when I recieved a pink zebra striped box in the mail! This company went out of their way to bring a little sunshine to their customers day in sich a fun and fabulous way.

Before talking about the products one by one, I want to point out that I am careful about what types of candles and other fragrances we use in our home. Many members of my family, myself included, are quite sensitive to certain smells. I’ve been known to get terrible awful headaches and sneezing fits over such scents. I’m pleased that to have not had this issue with the scents from Pink Zebra.

Pink Zebra Sprinkles are a blend of soy and paraffin wax which is known not just to maximize fragrances, last 30% longer than traditional wax products but to also burn more cleanly and consistently. So in a nutshell, they are a cleaner and far safer alternative to traditional candles.

The Soaks are crystal clear and safe for the skin and for those that have pets which is very important. I know for one I would want to use a product for myself if it wasn’t okay for animals too!

– My Thoughts on The Products –

The Amaretto Cream Sprinkles received go wonderfully with the Sand Zebra simmer pot (great colorway that blends pretty well in most areas of my home). How the Sprinkles work is that you’ll add your desired amount to the simmer pot and simply flip the switch to the on position. In no more than five minutes my entire room smelled delightful without being too much. Amaretto, vanilla and cherry are a few of my favorite scent and I feel it was done justice!

When I’d like to clean the simmer pot, it’s not hassling. I simply lift the top plate off the bottom and clean with soap and water in the sink. There’s no carefully wiping it out while still attached to a unit or a lightbulb to have to deal with as I have with similar types of wax melting products.

The Warm Apple Pie Soaks I used a naked reed diffuser and alone. The bottle comes with an additional spritzer top so you can use it anywhere for a quick freshener like in the bathroom, car, laundry area, you name it. This smell is so delicious with the right combination of cinnamon and apple true to its name that you may just fool someone into thinking you’ve baked a pie in your home! I love how just a small spritz here and there tends to go a long way.

I’ve quite pleased with the experience I’ve had with this company and their products. They make shopping for scent an enjoyable experience from the vast amount of scents to choose from to the clever packing. What fun to shop for scents that literally look like delicious candies and treats! I do believe there’s something here to be found for everyone.

I encourage one to try it out Pink Zebra and share with your friends. If you think you’d like to sell these yourself, there are opportunities to do that too by hosting parties in person, online, fundraising, and so forth!

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* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*