Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday this February with The Cat in the Hat! {DVD Giveaway}

We are very fond of Dr. Seuss’ in our household, in fact, some of the very first books my children were able to read all by themselves were Dr. Seuss titles. Aside from books by this well-known author, we enjoy  The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! show that teaches all sorts of fun, interesting, and amazing scientific facts.
 In two weeks on February 6th, it will be Dr Suess’ Birthday! We’ll not only be having an entire week of reading his books but we’ll be watching The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Season 2, Volume 1, thanks to nCircle Entertainment.

The Cat in the Hat Knows
a Lot About That! 
Season 2, Volume 1 –
In this volume, kids will learn the answers to questions like what causes day to change into night, why do we sneeze, and what makes our heart beat. And the discoveries don’t end there! We learn about why animal ears come in many shapes and sizes, how different animals carry their babies, who are the fastest creatures in the world, why male crickets chirp, what feathers are used for and so much more! So let’s go, go, go, go on an adventure, we’re flying with The Cat in the Hat today!
Episodes List:
  • Jumping on the Moon
  • Sneezy Riders
  • Inside Out
  • Hear Here
  • Bounce
  • Timmy Tippy Toe
  • No Night Today
  • Fun in the Sun
  • Meet the Beetles
  • Tongue Tied
  • Manatees and Mermaids
  • The Last Chocolate
  • Tough Enough
  • How Cool is Coral
  • Babies
  • Fast
  • Little Lemmings
  • Keep the Beat
  • Name That Sound
  • Fabulous Feathers

DVD Runtime: 3 hours 40 minutes
Spanish Langue Option available

-My Thoughts-

My children ages 21 months, 7, and 9  have been enjoying this collection! I like that you can choose to play a couple of the adventures one day and save the others for later. My kids always go around spouting off facts they’ve heard not just that day but days after. I like they are having fun and learning with such great clean entertainment.

This DVD would be great for all sorts of unit studies and to just have around as something fun and educational for them to watch at tv time. The Cat in the Hat is quite the character and has always impressed and excited not just my children with every new adventure but me too! There’s great facts, fun songs, and unforgettable adventures, a total winner when it comes to educational entertainment for any child!

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