What to Do Right After a Hurricane

What to Do Right After a Hurricane

There seems to be no shortage of hurricanes lately for most people that live along coastal waters. Riding out a hurricane safely is beneficial since you will not have to wait to be allowed back in the area to begin cleanup. Below are a few of the first steps you should take right after a hurricane. 

Assess Your Personal Well-Being

Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage and injuries to those that decide to stay in the home and ride them out. You need to take a quick assessment as soon as it ends to make sure you and all family members are unharmed. Check on any close neighbors that might have stayed in their homes as well.

Relax – Stuff Is Just Stuff

Losing parts of the roof, walls and vehicles will seem overwhelming at first, but try and relax when you can catch a breath. These are all just things that can be replaced at some point. It is not pleasant, but try and focus on the great things that are associated with having healthy family members and that no one was hurt.

What does your insurance cover?

Try and locate your home insurance policy. Find out exactly what is covered. There may be funds available through your insurer to help cover the cost of residing elsewhere, at least on a temporary basis until you can make clear plans on how to handle business. Find out if damage from floods, rain, high winds and other storm damage is covered by your policy.

When Is It Safe to Be Home?

Only return to and stay in your home once the emergency services have determined it is not a health hazard to do so. Do not attempt to stay in the home if there are problems that can cause illness or injury, such as complete lack of working plumbing or missing roof and foundation damage. The home may not be safe enough to occupy and may collapse at any given time.

How soon should repairs begin?

You should begin repairs and cleaning of your house as soon as possible. You will feel better by being actively involved in making improvements. There may still be a long road ahead, but the journey always begins with one step.

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