Our Christmas Eve Lunch Out

What a surprise that on this morning the area was covered in ice from freezing rain and later in the evening we had a dusting of snow. We don’t often get snow where we live so the kids were excited even with the light dusting. 

Sometime after breakfast at home, we headed to the Wilsonville Old Church & Pub that is about a 15-minute drive from our home. The roads weren’t too slick at the time thankfully. This is mid-point between where we live and where our family lives so it was a good between place for meeting, Our place is too small to host at and often the trip all the to the Grandparents can be hard on the kids ( motion sickness, etc).

The restaurant wasn’t busy at all. I wasn’t sure the crowd to be expected on the day before Christmas. It had a nice atmosphere and the food was good. I really liked the decor. I didn’t take a lot of photos since it was a bit dark in the area where we were seated because it was very overcast outside and not much natural light shining through the windows.

I had my very first Cappuccino ever and it was very good not being too sweet nor bitter. The older kids had their own pizzas and Lydia ate rice, beans, and a lot of the fries that came with my cheesesteak sandwich. Grandpa and Grandma Lowmaster treated us to lunch and we were very happy with such a large blessing.

We exchanged gifts before our food arrived. A new baby doll for Lydia and cute sleeper, Legos/Silly Putty/ Pjs for Owen, Clothes and a few other things for Melody, and a few home items, sweet treats, and a 50.00 gift card to Trader Joes. That gift card to TJ’s was a great gift as it helped us get a weeks worth of groceries!

We ate, fellowshipped, had fun and then went our way after before the roads got too bad. Overall, a nice holiday with family.