Holiday Gift Consideration: Edushape’s Soft Pals!

Still looking for that perfect gift?  Edushape has a great selection of adorably cozy friends perfect for parents, grandparents and all gift givers to choose the best for the infants and toddlers in their life! 

SNOOZY – Huggable, loveable Snoozy helps little ones feel secure and reduces bedtime separation anxiety. Pleasant routines ease the shift from wake to sleep, and snuggling with Snoozy helps children feel comfortable about what to expect at the end of each day. Includes Parent Guide, detachable wraparound blanket and special shapes to help you share stories.

FEELINGS FRIEND introduces facial vocabulary to encourage children to easily express their feelings while, at the same time, helping others to understand how they feel moment to moment, day to day. Children can use the facial features stored in the convenient front pocket, to create telling facial avatars of themselves. Feelings Friend includes illustrated cards so children can grasp the concept quickly and easily.

HAPPY KITTEN is an adorable and cuddly kitty provides security, stimulation and more. Features high contrast patterned goofy legs (one retracts as the opposite is pulled), hugging arms, teether tail and bell.

HAPPY MONKEY is a soft and snuggly monkey toy that is loaded with fun, discovery and comfort. Features include an irresistible poke-able belly button, teether tail, crinkle ears, various fabrics, silk ribbons, a rattle, goofy legs and arms (one shrinks as the opposite is pulled) and more.

-Review of Snoozy-

Snoozy is an adorable bedtime friend that I chose for my youngest child to be the receiver of.  We’ve struggled with sleep transitioning with her for quite a while and opened our arms wide to Snoozy. This toy helps to make bedtime and naptime routines smoother in serving as an object of comfort to reduce separation anxiety. I am a firm believer that if you find the right thing for your child and stick with it, that in time it will be easier.


Snoozy comes with a parents guide, a wraparound blanket, and special shapes to tell stories before drifting to sleep. The shapes are things like a sun, moon, balloon, flower, boy, girl, house, etc.  I believe they are made out of a sturdy felt type material.

The wraparound blanket features a pocket in which you can store the story shapes after they’ve been used to tell a story whether made up or to recollect the things that happened that day. I like how this opens the door for conversation and gives one the opportunity to ease any anxiety that may have built up.

The guide that’s included is very helpful in knowing how to proceed in the endeavor of using it. It is in several different languages and is easy to follow.

Now you could use the shapes but you don’t have to do so. Snoozy could just be used as a security object. This is the way I’ve mainly been using the toy for my 19.5 month old daughter. We included the toy as soon as it gets close to being time to nap or go to bed for the night. She now after several weeks reaches for the toy or calls out its name so it can rest beside her. Is she completely sleep trained? Not yet, but it’s been helping.

I’m pleased with how well Snoozy has been holding up. The material the blanket and the toy is made from is extremely soft. The toy is cozy and light enough for a young child to carry about without it feeling awkward or difficult. This toy has been through the washer and dryer and still looks as good as new.

Snoozy looks like a sheep or a lamb to me but I’m not entirely sure what it is. It’s gender neutral and can be used for a boy or a girl.

Overall I recommend Snoozy. I’ve been happy with it, my daughter has taken to it, and it’s certainly been helping with the difficulties and anxiety in resting for the afternoon and night.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review and giveaway purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.