Dead Soxy: Cool Mens Socks | Colorful Womens Sock

Do you know someone that loves socks? If so, Christmas is the perfect time to gift a few new pairs and to stuff that stocking with.  The fact is everyone needs them and honestly, they don’t have to be boring either. I’ll admit that I’m not usually a sock fan but the company DeadSoxy has swayed me in that choice.  Now, I’ve only been wearing this brand of socks for about a week but I really like them for a number of reasons in which I’ll point out below. 
DeadSoxy is a Dallas-based sock company that produces snazzy, high-qualitysocks that are 100% Made-in-America for both men and women. They offer styles, patterns, and colors that are perfect for everyone from millennials and  hipsters to professionals and athletes.


  • The Feel: Uber-soft, high-end yarn enables a cool and dry environment for your feet and means no shrinking

  • The Look: Superior dyes keep socks from fading and the distinct patterns give your outfit an extra dose of style

  • The Design: Engineered in a U.S. knitting mill to create a unique technical design that no other sock on the market has

  • The Magic: These technical specifications keep our socks, whether crew or no show, from slipping or falling; so you get a comfortable wear & put-together look ALL day

  • The Deal: They are THE ONLY company ever to offer a money back guarantee if they slip off your foot.

I have been wearing a no-show pair in the pattern Harlow and a casual sock in the Trinity pattern.  The sizing is spot on.

These socks have not slipped, lost stretch, or even shown signs of getting holes. The toe area and heel is enforced without having any extra uncomfortable material or seams. The color hasn’t  faded after being in the wash nor has the integrity of the material.

The socks stay put without being too tight or causing my feet to sweat from being too warm. The no-shows are great with my sneakers and the casual sock works well with my boots.

I love the patterns offered by this company. There’s seriously something from DeadSoxy for everyone. I’ll be honest that the price tag is typically higher than I like to spend but for socks that will last for more than a couple of months, it’s worth every penny! 

Interested in Purchasing?  These socks can be found at DeadSoxy and online.

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*