Christmas Eve Eve Eve Service

We go to a pretty big church so big in fact, that they had 5 Christmas Eve services. Since we had premade plans with my husband’s side of the family on Christmas Eve morning, we opted for the Christmas Eve Eve Eve service our church hosted on the Friday right before Christmas Day.  

Last year, we didn’t make it during the Holidays because the baby was still having a very hard time adjusting to being in the nursery so we stayed home and read the Christmas story instead. I am pleased and very happy to have been able to make it this year with my husband and our other two children.

It was an eventful evening. To throw some fun into the service they had a game where four children would open a present box on stage. Easy right? Well, the challenge was that they had to do it with oven mitts on. Four children were chosen and one of them was my son! He certainly was the most lively child up there.  We had a lot of fun cheering him on. Not sure who exactly won the contest but the kids had fun and walked away with a pair of socks and a $5.00 Target gift card.

It was a lovely service filled with Christmas songs sung in celebration of our savior. The Pastor did a great job sharing the good news of the greatest gift to ever be given and received.  The kids aren’t used to sitting in service with mom and dad ( they are usually in their own classroom and have children’s church on Sunday mornings) but they did well listening and being quiet. The church did provide little activity bags for the children that featured a  little puzzle and coloring book to keep children occupied as well. 
With our tummies filled with hot chocolate and candy canes and hearts full of the wonderful reminder of the birth of Jesus we kicked the weekend off well in anticipation to further celebrate our Saviour personally and as a family.