Christmas Cookie Baking

Our family makes and bakes rollout cookies every Christmas season. It was funny because the day I decided we’d make cookies this year is the exact day we did the last year (via a reminder from Facebook). There was no planning in that whatsoever. Apparently, it was just time to do so! 

Lydia is wondering what is going on and eagerly awaiting the sweet treats that are being made. 

This year we tried out Alton Brown’s Sugar Cookie recipe I found online. We all decided that we are going to make these again next year. It was just the right amount of sweet buttery goodness without being too much. Now we had planned to actually ice these but we didn’t get around to it and decided instead to use our remaining powdered sugar for the Birthday Cake for Jesus we decided to add to our family Christmas traditions this year.

We only have one rolling pin and I was so pleased that children were so good about taking turns rolling cookies out.  Melody did a huge amount of the rolling and placing the cookies on the pan. She loves baking and watching baking shows like Nerdy Nummies. In fact, a good amount of her Christmas presents this year included themed cutters and a book from the Nerdy Nummies line by Wilton.

Shapes we went with this year were chickens, trees, gingerbread men, stars, and we finally got to try out the Minecraft themed I got my oldest daughter last Christmas. The cookies came out looking great.

We only made one batch but have decided to double in next year so we have a bit more and we can share some with friends and family. Or if we don’t double we’ll make sugar and gingerbread cookies so we have a variety.

Do you make Christmas cookies during the month of December?