365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids {Review and Giveaway}


365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids is a “If I Could Ask God Anything” devotional by Kathryn Slattery. The main purpose is to answer questions pertaining to God and the Bible. The devotionals within aid in answering a child’s current question and even those they haven’t even thought to ask about yet in an easy to understand way. 

The way this book is presented is that it is meant to be started in January, the beginning of the year, and wrapped up the last day December following. However, it can be turned to any time of year if your child has a specific question that needs an answer. Unlike most devotionals, this one has an Index of Topical Questions at the end to make this possible.

Each daily reading has a title in the form of a question, a Bible Verse, a short reading to answer the question,  a prayer, and a “Want to Know More” section.

The “Want to Know More” section always points you to another question and day similar to the topic you just read.

An example of one of the daily questions, for instance, is “What is Advent?”. This is actually a question I had while being a grownup. We didn’t celebrate the days before Christmas day in any sort of special way so it was new to me. Not only are my kids getting answers but I as a parent and adult am too.

Topics you’ll find within this devotional are about God, God’s Promises, Time, Holidays & Traditions,  Famous Christians, Christianity, The Church, About Jesus, and more. There is historical, theological, and faith covered here.

Now we don’t celebrate every holiday mentioned in this book but I feel it is important to know a little bit about each so I’m glad it was included.

The book is small in size at 8”x9”. It has 392 pages and it’s packed full of helpful information. The color scheme is teal and white. The layout and graphics of each devotional page is the same. There are no other illustrations. There is a true red ribbon bookmark that is helpful in keeping your space till your next reading.


As a parent, I appreciate that there’s a Just For You section in the front of the book that walks you through what the book is about and how to use it.

Overall I feel this book is useful at home or in a Sunday School church setting. I will likely use it along with another devotional or two throughout the year. I for sure will turn to it if my kids have a faith-based question that I don’t have an answer for or need an answer presented in a more simplified format. The book is geared toward children ages 6 to 10 years old.


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*FrontGate Media provided me a copy of 365 Answers For Curious Kid to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.