Zero Down by Blue Orange Games {Review by Dad}

Zero Down is a set collection game where you try and collect 5 of a color or 5 of the same number. If you manage to do both, with 1 of your 9 cards being part of both sets, you get a Zero Down or no points. Lowest score wins.

To play, each player starts with 9 random cards, and 5 (or 7) cards face up in the center of the table. On your turn, you can trade a card with one on the table, or pass. Each single unique card in your hand is worth its face value (a 5 is 5 points). If you have more than one of a number, they are combined to score just the number once (three 5s is worth 5 points).

In my experience, it’s hard to get five of a color or five of the same number. Unless you see a good chance to get a 0, the best bet is to just try and get matches cards with the lowest numbers.

When the first player passes on trading cards (knocks), there’s no special effect. When any player knocks again, all players get one more turn to trade or pass, then hands are scored. Play rounds equal to players.

I enjoy this game! It’s easy to set up, shuffle and deal. Play is fast. The rules are simple, easy to read, understand, and explain. Playing again after another is instant, just reshuffle and deal.

It’s small and compact, easy to take places.

This is a fun small game most people should like.  Our 9 and 6 1/2-year-old had no trouble figuring it out and seemed to enjoy it.

Interested in Purchasing?

You can find Zero Down on the Blue Orange website and other places for $10.99!

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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review and giveaway purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.