The Daily Question My Five-Year Spiritual Journal {Review & Gift Idea!}

The Daily Question: My Five-Year Spiritual Journal by Waterbrook offers one a simple way to keep track of the now of your spiritual life journey in the current time and years later reflect upon it. In keeping track in such way, one will see just how much has changed and how they’ve grown. We have the tendency sometimes to forget and not always remember the faithfulness of God toward us, so I think this journal is seemingly simple yet powerful tool if used as intended each day.

The journal starts on January 1st and ends at December 31st. It’s not dated year wise so you could start using it at any time. One day is covered on a single page. This page features the month, the day of the month, a short yet thought-provoking the question, and beneath five areas to write your answer. Each place to write you answer has four lines to respond. It’s not a huge space but it’s enough to jot down what’s important that you’d like to look back upon. I feel those just beginning out with journaling won’t feel overwhelmed by this approach. The times are busy and the days feel short,  so, I feel that the space given to write in really is enough.

The teal, gold, and cream color palette of this book is very pretty. The patterning by illustrator Nathalie Ouederni is beautifully done.  It’s hardcover so it will likely take years of usage and be something to hold onto for many more years past that time. There’s a gold place marker ribbon inside so you’ll always turn to the right place when you use it each day. The book is 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide making it the perfect size for a bedside table or to tuck away into a drawer till ready to use.

Examples of a few of the questions…

“What are you chasing at this moment?”

“Do You have Trouble Being Humble?”

“How Can You Make Someone Laugh Today?”


These questions have the ability to learn more about your own views, how you view God, and to take a good look at your current circumstances. These are heart and spirit questions that hold power and could have the possibility to impact your life in a new way. Growth in God so that you may be a living testimony to everyone around you.

This book holds 365 questions and will contain 1,825 answers if used as intended. While this book doesn’t feature prayers or scriptures within it’s pages, it will give you something to speak to the Lord about on a daily basis.

*Special thanks to WaterBrook for providing to me a copy of this book for my honest review. *