SmitCo’s Light-Up Emoji Theme Journal for Girls {Review}

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SmitCo’s Light-Up Emoji Theme Journal for Girls is pretty hip! The Emoji designs are  all the rage right now with kids and pre-teen girls. This journal isn’t just any old journal. The hard-cover lights up spanning several colors lasting for a few seconds with pressing down on one of the smiley faces on the front.  It comes with an invisible ink pen with a blue light that allows the user to create their own hidden messages and secrets!  

This journal has 80 blank lined pages. The left-hand pages bottom corner feature a peace sign with hearts and the corner on every right-hand page has an image of a cupcake, peace sign, star, and other little doodles that one can color if they want.  There’s a purple colored ribbon place marker that features a cheetah-themed puffy plastic butterfly. It’s super cute!

What really makes this journal stand out is the fact you can write down secret messages. The journal and pen are ready to go right from the packaging. The light requires 3 small Lithium Metal batteries to work. The good news is that these are included. The top part of the pen that emits the light can be unscrewed to reach the battery chamber to replace if needed. I feel that the pen will last just as long as the journal in filling out all the pages. I can’t see us replacing the batteries before then but if need to do so, it’s nice to know it’ll be simple to do.

My nine and half year old daughter has commented on how absolutely cool this journal is and that she is very pleased to be the receiver of it.  She can keep track of her thoughts, hope, dreams, favorite things, and so much more. The invisible ink will be great to keep those thoughts she wants to keep to herself private away from prying eyes. She has two other siblings who might snoop around so it nice she can keep things a little more private that she wishes too. That being said, it’s great for her online passwords too.

I feel this journal is great for any young girl just starting out with journaling or just needing a new one! It can also be used to write down poems, special memories, and much more. This journal set is well-made and would make a lovely gift. 


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