She Reads Truth Bible {Review & Giveaway}

A few weeks ago, I received from B&H Publishing and Frontgate Media group the “She Reads Truth Bible”. I must declare that it is quite drawing with all of its lovely touches and little details. It comes in a variety of colors schemes, I received it in Poppy.  The cover shade is an orange-red on and has shiny gold text and patterning that is lightly embossed. 
The Bible comes in a box type sleeve which you can keep it stored in when not in use if you so wish. I’ve never received a Bible that has something of the sort. I will likely keep this Bible stored within it when not in use. The inside of the Bible is just as beautiful. It features full-color scripture art, beautifully scripted fonts for each book of the Bible, and a favorable color scheme throughout that goes well with the poppy colored cover.  It’s very ladylike and ever so feminine. Perfect for any daughter of the King, in my opinion.

As pretty as this Bible is, it’s not the only thing that makes this Bible so great. It has many wonderful key-features that makes it a good choice for a study Bible. Firstmost, it’s not overwhelming and I feel that is the most important thing for any study Bible. Anyone at any level in their Walk with Christ can pick up this Bible and be encouraged and directed into growing deeper.


  • almost 200 devotionals
  • 66 artist-designed key verses
  • 35 full-color timelines
  • 20 full-color maps
  • 11 full-color charts
  • reading plans for every book of the Bible
  • one-year Bible reading plan
  • detailed book introductions
  •  key verse list
  •  carefully curated topical index
  • smyth-sewn binding
  •  two colored ribbon markers
  •  wide margins for journaling and note-taking

I like how it’s broken down in how to use this Bible at the start. There is a full section on “How to Read the Bible” followed by “This is the Gospel”. The key features are then explained and there’s an introduction to the Christian Standard Bible Version for those that are curious to know what it is and how it is compared to the many other versions out there.

My favorite feature is that before beginning any Bible book studying say, Genesis, for example, you are introduced to where it stands on the timeline, given background, the message & purpose behind the book, and short thanks for the book. There’s a monthly read and understand the plan for the book. I like the plan for monthly reading. You don’t have to guess how much you should read as it’s all laid out for you.

The devotional sprinkled throughout only make what you are reading stick with you more. You can reflect on applicable stories, testimonies, and examples that tie in and are inspired by that particular section of the Bible.

The 66 key verses that are included are great for memorizing. Say it’s your goal to memorize more scripture, you can take these verses, write them in a journal, artistically recreate them in some way, hang them all over the house! It’s nice you can take these are already laid out for you.

There’s generous space for taking notes but do note these areas aren’t lined so if you like to do Bible Art journaling you likely could create some illustrations in these spaces.
I found the text easy to read and my eyes never felt strained. The pages turn nicely and don’t get stuck together. There’s a ribbon bookmark attached to the spine to keep your place.

The topical index is great if you are looking for verses on something very specific like community, parenting, prayer, etc.

If you’ve decided to read the whole Bible in the year, you’ll be pleased to know that near the back of the Bible, there’s a plan for that! I plan on going through many different books throughout 2018 and am happy that this Bible will be an excellent guide in helping me gain a deeper understanding of each.

Overall, I am very pleased with this Bible. I feel those of all ages would benefit. The features are nice and I feel for certain will help aid in a deeper study of God’s word.



Interested in Purchasing? You can find more details and information on purchasing by following this link 

The Bible is also available in gray linen, navy leather and brown leather, and of course poppy!



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*I was given this Bible to review for B&H Publishing by FrontGate Media. While I was given the Bible for free all thoughts and opinions are my own.*