Scratch & Create this Holiday Season!

Have you heard about Scratch and Create books? I recently discovered a variety of these books from Quarto. If you aren’t a fan or are just looking for something a little different from the adult coloring book trend, these might be perfect for you.  

These books come in a number of themes, each featuring a variety of beautiful illustrations. There are Enchanted Forests, Wild Gardens, Endangered Animals, Bontanicals, Amazing Women, Patterns, and Handlettering.  A few of the books available are postcard themed, so you can etch and scratch these to completion and send them to friends loved ones through the mail if you want, how neat is that?

Each book comes with a stylus so there’s no need to purchase anything else to get started. The pages feature a  metallic ink layer over commissioned drawings or backgrounds. With the stylus, you can scratch away the coating, uncovering full-color finished artwork, or their very own designs.  If you misplace the stylus, I found that using a coin works just as good.

I’ve been enjoying the Enchanted Forest and the I Love Handlettering Book. Each is similar yet different. The postcard book is compact in size making it easy to bring along anywhere where the Hand lettering book is larger.  The Enchanted Forest book is postcard themed featuring 20 original artworks. The Handlettering book features a few design for you to etch but the main goal of the book is for you to create your own quotes and sayings!  If you want to get really creative with your designs I highly recommend the Handlettering book as it comes with many blank scratch sheets and lettering and ornament stencils!

What I like about these books is that anyone of any skill level or age can use them! I sat down in the evenings to unwind and these were nice to use. I really didn’t have to stress my brain for this type of art.

I could rest and relax only having to etch and scratch to produce beautiful images. The tool was easy to use but do keep in mind if you press too hard you could damage the art. It’s a small learning curve but it’s very easy to learn. Another thing to mention is that the coating will get on your hands leaving them silver/black. I found that the coating doesn’t stain and can easily be wiped/washed off your skin, surfaces, and the artwork itself on the glossy type pages.

Overall, I like these book. I welcome a change here and there and these are great for something new. These would make a great gift this holiday season because of the ease of use and the plethora of themes available make them suitable choices for anyone on your to buy for list.

The Scratch and Create books cost anywhere from $9.99 US/ 12.99 CAN for the postcard books and $19.99US/24.99 CAN for the Handlettering Books.


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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review and giveaway purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.