One Christmas Bear {Book Review}

I received this book free from by FrontGate Media to facilitate this review

One Christmas Bear By Anne Vittur Kennedy spurs one to count the many blessings that arise at this time of year. Taking place outside in the snow-covered lands of the artic,  toddlers and preschoolers will be introduced to a playful polar bear and his many friends and neighbors. The story takes us through all the fun festivities and adventures that take place in the span of the morning to evening hours with the bear. 

I didn’t know it at first but this is a counting book that starts with the number one and goes all the way through ten. This clever tale celebrates the fun of the season, the blessings God has given us, and specifically helps little ones with their counting skills. I say that’s a real winner.

The illustrations are a delight to look upon. The cover really draws one in with the glitter texture on the cover and shiny foil area on the bear’s scarf and spine. The illustrations invoke a warm fuzzy feeling. The joy and fun to be had are pictured perfectly. The story text playfully flows throughout in a wavy way from each page.

So what fun can be seen inside? There is making snow angels, trimming a tree, jolly snowman animals, enjoyment of ginger cookies & candy canes, sledding, skating on ice, and all sorts of other snowy fun. The animals are owls, eagles, husky pups, rabbits, caribou, squirrels, foxes,  mice, and of course, polar bears.

My 18-month-old daughter loves this book. We’ve been reading it often and her counting has improved. We haven’t seen snow this year but after enjoying this book together so much, I hope we do. Our own Christmas and Holiday festivities are soon to begin many spotlighted in this book like cookies, trimming a tree, and coming together with others to celebrate.

The board book format is great for little ones that no doubt will turn to gaze through and have one read this book to them again and again.

This is a sweet book to share with children during the Christmas season. I recommend it if your little one loves animals, holiday festivities, and counting!


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