Halloween Fun 2017

We had a fun Halloween this year. The weather was perfect for Trick-or-Treating. We kept to our budget by not spending on costumes but instead using what we already had.  The kids opted to paint their own pumpkins ( Melody painted a green Jumino from Stardew Valley & Owen’s a blue Kirby) instead of carving so they’ll last a bit longer. We can gut the pumpkins later and give to our chickens and they can turn that into eggs. 

I knit my oldest children Minecraft character hats with yarn I already had. These hats should have taken a week or less to knit but life gets busy so both took me about a month.  I knit these two hats with knitting needles. Maybe my looms would have made them go faster. I’ll try again in the future to see. I did a duplicate stitch for the face features on the hats. Doing this stitch on the black hat was difficult. I strained my eyes trying to see where to put my needle in and had to take a lot of breaks. But the joy from my oldest daughter was well worth the work. I  am thinking it may have been better if I knit the eye parts instead of sewing them in. Lesson learned!

My youngest wore a dress-up outfit I got to review from Amazon a few months ago. This set is adorable. Though it’s a little for on her, we made it work. It’s awesome that she will wear hats freely. She got a lot of compliments. I’m likely biased but I think she’s an adorable little baker! She liked seeing all the decorations when we were out treating. I’m, sure next year she’ll be as excited as her older siblings of the festivities. She says a lot of words but hasn’t uttered trick or treat but she did say please and thank you.

There were a lot of local Halloween events starting at 4pm and some ending at 8pm. We decided to just walk our neighborhood.  I heard those events saw more this year than they ever have before. I was feeling bad earlier in the day but well enough in the evening to go with. I would have hated to have not been able to go. So glad I got too! We hit about fifteen house and between the three kids we came home with 100 pieces of candy (not all pictured)! Not bad at all.

Dinner was pizza and later in the evening after the kids went to bed, my husband and I finished up watching Season 2 of Stranger Things! It was a great season.

Not pictured here but I wore purple eyeshadow on my eyelids and with a black make up pencil drew on a cat nose and whiskers paired with all black and cat ears to join in on the costume fun. I may be getting older but I’m still a kid at heart. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I enjoy celebrating it with my family. We love dressing up, decorating, making fun themed snacks, and eating candy!