Good Night Tales: A Family Treasury of Read-Aloud Stories {book review}

Good Night Tales by C.S Fritz is a beautiful storybook. This book has taken Biblical truths and presents readers and listeners a one of a kind scripture-based story experience.  The presented manner reminds one of how Jesus spoke and taught in parables. Fairy tales appeal highly to children as well as adults so in presenting the truth of the gospels in a such a way truly has a special uniqueness that will likely stick with one for a lifetime.

What draws one to read this book highly is the amazing imagery. The author of this book is also the illustrator and he’s done a remarkable job with the art. There are detailed maps, trolls, giants, a living scarecrow, a fiddle playing cricket, whimsical forest scenes,  soft glowing illuminated nights pictures, and so much more! If this wasn’t in book format, I’d love to display some of the pictures on my wall. That just goes to show you how beautiful these illustrations are.

There is twelve stories total. You can choose to read the book in order from start to finish or however you, please. I personally like the contents section in the front that features a picture of the story, its title, and scripture reference. I am more inclined to let my children pick which they’d like read instead of going in order.

In the back of the book, there is a “Going Deeper” section, which includes discussion prompts for each story, all direct you to read a specific, related Bible passage. The questions I feel may go over a younger child’s head but parents and readers can break these down in a way that will cater toward the child or children it’s being asked too.  I feel like the story and discussion, bedtime reading and conversation should be around 1/2 an hour. This is a good time that’s not too long or short.

Included Stories…

Kings of the Forest (1 Samuel 8)
Of Trolls and Treasure (Matthew 13:44)
A Sheep’s Journey (Psalm 23)
The Extraordinary Ordinary Snail (Psalm 139:14)
The Song of the Cricket (Philippians 2:3)
The Good Mouse (Luke 10:25-37)
The Wood Elf Who Wouldn’t (Matthew 25:14-30)
The Toy (Luke 15:3-7)
The Plum-Eating Giant (John 8:1-11)
Fell Into the Earth (John 12:23-26)
The King is Calling (Genesis 7:1-5)
Do You Love Me? (1 John 4:7-19)

Three of the stories are told with pictures only and the others with picture and word. The writing is captivating yet simplistic enough for children to understand not through just word but picture too. The truths of coming to the Kingdom, finding peace in God, caring for others, the love of God to his Children and so much more shine through really well. I adore that aside from the amazing stories, we are prompted to turn toward scripture. All Christian-themed book should point back to the Holy Bible, in my opinion.

This book has been a delight to delve into and share with my three children ages 1.5, 6, and 9 years old. Truly there’s been no other book like this that I’ve come across in my almost ten years of parenting! I highly recommend picking up a copy to share for many future bedtimes. This book I feel has a great re-read value! I highly recommend it.

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Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book through the Tyndale Blog Network for an honest review.