Flying Kiwis by Blue Orange Games {Review by Dad}

The kiwis want to go on vacation, but what are flightless birds to do? it’s your job to help sneak them inside the fruit crate so they can catch a ride to Paradise. Using your ramp, aim carefully and launch your kiwis into the crate to help Disguise the birds. Group the kiwis of your color in a line or a square to make sure they hitch a ride with their friends along the way! this high-energy, fast-paced launching game is fun for the whole family!

 Review by Dad…

Flying Kiwis is a Dexterity game where you launch discs into a box using a catapult. Depending on where they land, players win by 4 in a row or a square of 4.

Each player has 10 discs of their color, up to 4 players.

The box is a 4×4 grid with a divider for each square. It’s built into the box, but you can remove it to remove the catapults which are stored underneath.

The catapults seem pretty sturdy, and the band used to launch doesn’t look like it will wear out anytime soon.

Gameplay is fun, everyone launching discs at the same time. There is also a turn-based option with different scoring.

There seem to be a few sweet spots of ranges on the catapults. In a few distances, I couldn’t seem to get any in the box at all.

I don’t know if this will play good on a table, discs will fall onto the floor. Depends on the play area. It works well on the floor. You may want to have a box or sheet to catch the discs that overshoot.

The kids enjoy this game and its one I don’t mind getting out for them to play with alone. Players of different skill levels can have different distance requirements to even the odds out.

This is a solid addition to a game library where kids are a consideration, and I enjoy playing along with.

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