Celebrate the Advent Season with “The Christmas Star From Afar”


I never jumped on the Elf of the Shelf train though fully aware of what it is.  I thought it was a fun idea to count down the days until Christmas morning but we don’t teach that Santa will be arriving. My kids haven’t ever believed in Santa Claus though they know he is based upon a real man and still enjoy the fictional stories about him. We instead, read devotions and books that are Christ-centered each day during the month of December.  This year will be a little bit different as I was introduced to a Christian alternative of daily fun to implement into our countdown until Christmas day.

The Christmas Star From Afar” is a unique way to teach & remind children about the true meaning of Christmas year after year! This game is designed to be used daily from December 1st to December 25th. It is a 16 piece set that comes with a hardcover book and full wooden nativity set. 

How it works is that each day during the month of December children will search for the wooden star piece as a fun hide-and-seek game. The star features a hook on the back so you can get creative in how and where it is hidden.  Once the star is located they will then move the Three Wise Men to its location for that day, until they reach their final destination at the stable with newborn baby Jesus. It is recommended when you first hide the star to have it at the furthest point away from the nativity that you can place it.

The intention is that the Wisemen show up on Christmas morning but my family is going to have them show up a little later. In all accuracy, the Wisemen didn’t show up as soon as baby Jesus was born but much later (two years later!). However, you can choose to have them arrive whenever you’d like. I do know culture accepts that the wise men were there that night (it’s everywhere in movies, books, decor…), but I want my children to be aware it was later.

To start out, you’ll be read the included book. The book is simply illustrated and matches the character pieces completely. Pages are shiny and have a thickness that can take much use. The story of the how what, and why is written in a rhyming way and flows well when reading aloud. In ending, there’s a section that explains what to do each day for this game/tradition.  There are several pages in the book full of scripture verses to read from December 1st-25th. I love that scripture was included. The verse in its entirety is listed, so you don’t have to have a Bible at the ready to search for the verse.

I like everything can be stored back into the box when you are through with it. The fact the Nativity is more than a few pieces makes it really stand out wherever it is placed. The other pieces have images on the front while the back is blank. Though simple looking, the colors are nice, and it’s really a standout piece that serves a wonderful useable purpose to remind us Jesus is the reason for the season.

I love how this set works. It’s simple to understand and fun! I can’t wait to start using it with my children on the 1st of next month. I like all the thought that went into creating it! The quality is excellent and I see us using this set every year till my children grow too old. How old is too old? Who is really to say?

This set retails for $34.95 plus shipping at most Christian bookstores and other retailers.

I received product free of charge, from Star From Afar LLC, in exchange for my honest review.