Bible Promises to Live By for Women {Review}

Bible Promises to Live By for Women by Katherine Butler,  is a small book but it packs a punch.  It has over 500 promises found in the Word of God that cover a plethora of topics. These promises ring true and can be applied to the life of anyone that is willing to fall fully into the promises God has for them. 

This book can be used however you so, please. You can read it from start to finish. You could be wanting to study a specific topic or when you want to utter a specific need to God. Say you are feeling discouraged, you could look up the section on discouragement and be encouraged. Feeling afraid? The section on fear is where you should turn. There are many more topics such as protection, anxiety, regrets, weariness,  brokenness, hope, kindness, and so forth that are covered.

Each section has a short reading, followed by several Bible verses. You don’t have to look these up separately. The full verse and where it can be found in the Bible is listed.  These verses can be meditated on, written down elsewhere,  memorized, and turned to again and again when needed. I like the verses are listed in such a way. It’s harder to find similar verses in a Bible unless it’s a specific type of study Bible and we don’t always have the internet to jump onto to find it either. 
I really like this book. I’ve turned to it many times. It’s not too wordy and it’s nice for a quick pick me up. The truth of the matter is that life is hard and God’s promises can help you get through each and every day. With keeping this book near my side, I can open it up and share a word with someone else that may need it depending on what’s going on in their life. It’s a bonus that topics can be quickly located since they are in alphabetical order!

The book features a linen-textured cover. The text on the front, bind, and back are gold embossed. There’s a gold colored ribbon that you can keep your place with that is built into the book. The text is easy to read and the teal and white coloring are refreshing.

This book is small enough to take along in a bag, purse, or tote. It’s the perfect size for adding to care package for a friend, loved one, or a complete stranger.

I feel this book offers wonderful truths and applicable insight that women of all ages can reap from. I am recommending this book and feel it would be at home in every purse, desk drawer, and important spot that one would come to each day.

*Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book*