The Beautiful Word for Christmas {Book Review}

The Beautiful Word for Christmas is a lovely book to use during the Advent season. There are gorgeous illustrations to stir you, scripture to remember, prayer prompts to pray and heartfelt activities to do.

The main goal of this book is to help you keep your eyes and heart for the entire reason that we celebrate this time of the year. We are to share the love of Christ and give of ourselves instead of worrying ourselves over lavish presents. Though gifts may be fun for a time we ultimately should be sharing the most important one with others which is the eternal salvation that God offers!

The book begins with 23 Bible passages that revolve around the Christmas story. The images are very pretty. The typography really pops and the full-color on glossy pages makes everything pop a bit more.  Following the art, there are 31 devotions. The devotions are around 3-4 pages in length, each beginning with a title, followed by a Bible verse. Upon closing the devotion, there’s a prayer to pray, an activity to do, and a key to remember.

I like the activities were included. These give you a point of action for the day, week, or entire advent season. These activities can be done with your family if reading together or on your own. Examples of activities given things like; making extra and sharing it with others, volunteer at a local soup kitchen, write a letter to yourself about a struggle and open it up the next year on the same day to see how much you’ve grown since, spend one day screen and media free with your family, etc.

I found the devotionals to be simple to read and offer applicable insight into situations and experiences many may have.

I suggest getting a journal to use alongside this book as many of the activities suggest you writing something down. It would have been nice if there was a place for writing included but there’s not. Also, a ribbon place marker would have been good too. However, neither of these things take away from this book. Since there is no place for writing in it, you could likely use it again or lend it out come next advent season.

I’m looking forward to fully jumping into this book as December rolls around. I think it’s an excellent pick to do alone or with your family.

* I have received this book for free from  BookLook Bloggers  in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*