Pumpkin Patch Fun

Last weekend, my family visited our favorite pumpkin patch. The weather was perfect for parading among the paths to find the perfect pumpkins. My kids get pretty serious about which pumpkins to bring home with us. It was such a joy to see there smiling face and learn their finally determining factors of their chosen gourds.

My oldest has heart set on painting her pumpkin to look like a Jumino ( a character from a game called “Star Dew Valley”).  The carving or painting for the other four is yet to be determined. I’m thinking next weekend we’ll get our supplies out or a little closer to Halloween so they don’t rot before we light them up for that evening.

We brought home two orange round regular pumpkins, one blue Cinderella pumpkin, a bumpy pumpkin, and short/wide reddish orange pumpkin. We got a large variety this year. This is our first time bringing home the specialty types you often don’t find in store. I personally love the vast differences and variety.

We’ve been to this pumpkin patch farm for the last six years. It’s just the right size. My family loves the feel. It’s never too busy. There are goats, chickens, and baby chicks to see. There are tractor and cow cart pull rides. They’ve recently added a play area for children that has more than just swing sets. Each year the farm owner has themed haybale designs and happy spider art.  It’s a great place for photos.

This was Lydia’s first year to pick out her own pumpkin. She picked out the bumpy warty one all by herself. She loved seeing all the “punkys” ( what she calls them) and animals. I literally finished knitting her a pumpkin hat to wear the day before.  How cute does she look in it in the photos? An unexpected happened before we arrived as one of the buttons on her purple striped cardigan came loose. Thankfully I still had plenty of that colored yarn left to resew it on before we headed out. I think the combination of knits is so cute!

I am glad it was a dry day so the kids didn’t get muddy before heading to our next destination. It sunny and cool making it the perfect day out.

I hope my readers enjoy the pictures from our visit! Let me know if you annually visit a pumpkin patch. Tell me what you love doing there or what makes it your favorite.