God Hears

Oh, Autumn how I’ve missed you! I adore everything about this season (especially, the cooler temperatures). The leaves around our area are changing colors of red, orange, and yellow. It’s a beautiful and welcome treat for the eyes this season. 
I’ve been quite tired and not feeling well. Extra iron and vitamins help among watching my diet carefully.  More often it seems that the weakness, fatigue, and headaches come and go rendering me useless in the mundane tasks of life. I do my best but it can be hard when good sleep and rest can seem hard to come by.

The weary times are a reminder to slow down, enjoy the little things, and breathe in life. Reviews can wait, the dishes can wait, the laundry can wait, and so many other things that demand my time and thought.

I was encouraged this Sunday that I am fighting the good fight and that my effort was one of the greatest. It’s a reminder that my work as a mother of three that stays home is not overlooked.  It can be quite trying at times. You don’t really rest.

I was up from 3am this morning with my youngest. She couldn’t sleep because she’s been having an issue going to the bathroom. We hung around in the living room while I sang her lullabies so she could get back to sleep. I am convinced a full night of sleep is something that’s truly not promised to a parent even after their kids are grown. More time for prayer.

This weekend my son in tears shared thoughts and emotion from being bullied by a fellow classmate. We prayed. He felt better.

My oldest has been dealing off and on with fatigue. We are finding ways for her to rest and recognize the need for it. We pray to God for help in this area.

I hug. I listen. I hear. I help. I pray to God. Being a mother is one of the greatest works. I personally feel spread thin but God gives me just enough strength for one day at a time.

My three children are my greatest gift from God. I must rest so I can support my children in the ways they need me too.  I hope to encourage other mothers by sharing my own journey. It sometimes feels like a very lonely road.  But I know God hears our cries and praises. I shall keep praying and seeking.