Wow!: The Good News in Four Words {Book Review}

Wow! The Good News in Four Words by Dandi Daley Mackall is a great hard-cover picture book! It is geared toward boys and girls ages 3-6 years old. It presents in a simplified way on how to come to know Jesus as their own personal Savior and Lord.

The main four words used are Wow, Uh-oh, Yes, and Ahh. Each word is broken down through the book. The word “Wow” for example demonstrates and explains the creation of the world, the word Uh-Oh shows how sin entered the world and how we became separated from God, you get the picture. The message is powerful and it’s the most simplified version of the gospel I’ve seen for children in this age range. 

At the beginning of the book, there’s a Note to the Parents. This note explains the words simplified and includes a couple of scripture references that correspond with each word. There is also a For Further Study section in the back of the book. The back section spotlights each of the words again but this time provides more scripture references pertaining. Having this included is wonderful and a great way to grow in more understanding of it.

The illustrations are so colorful and fun to look at. I love there are children and adults in the book of all sorts of races. Some may find the imagery busy but my children loved looking at each page for many minutes to see all that there was to look at. There are no scary images in this book. The cross scene was drawn in a way that wouldn’t be offending.

The book is easy to understand and writing is written in rhyme. Children are likely to remember the “Good News” using this book as a resource. This book most definitely could be used in a church classroom setting and especially at home.


*Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for my personal review of this book. *