We Need Rain Badly in the West

We cry out for rain. Currently, (as of my post) there are over 50 wildfires burning in the Western region of America. It seems like every time I check the news, there’s another fire that has started either naturally or out of negligence from the urgent burn-ban that’s been up for months now. 

My heart goes out to those that are being evacuated to somewhere safer, to those that have lost everything, and to the ones putting their lives at risks to fight off these fires.  I know my concern for the fires isn’t the only need for prayer. The people of Texas were hit so hard and it will take months if not years to get back up on their feet again. Bad things happen, but in times like these, we must look to God in guiding our way and directing our paths. We should and are called to share our blessings and gifts to comfort to those in need not just during these times but always.

I snapped these photos last night as the sun was setting. It also rises in such a shade of orange and red. This morning I noticed ash floating and falling down in the breeze. The air quality isn’t good in my area but it’s far worse in the areas and countries far closer to the fires.  There are have been a few fires in my area but nothing that couldn’t be controlled.

I’ve kept my children inside because my two youngest only being out for a short amount of time starting coughing. The heat has been in the upper 90s and low 100s so it’s really bad to be out at all for not just children but for everyone. We are all hoping the cooler weather arrives soon and that rain from the heavens would just pour.