Mom and Me: An Art Journal to Share {Book Review}

Mom and Me: An Art Journal to Share By: Lacy Mucklow and Bethany Robertson is a great way for those that enjoy drawing to connect together. This book is designed for a mother and child to express their feelings through art side by side. Ages six through 15 seems to be the best fit, in my opinion. 

In this book, users can draw, color, and write letters and thoughts to each other in the areas specified.  There is an introduction and a how to use this book section in the first few pages. There are a number of categories. You don’t need to go in order but chose the activity that is suitable for the time at hand. A few of the categories are Feelings, Friends & Family, All About Me, In the Moment, Imagination, and so forth.

I really like how this book opens the door for conversations of all kinds. Examples of conversation could be about what makes you happy, things that are meaningful to you, draw an anchor in your life, future hopes, and dreams, etc. Most of the main emotions of joy, sadness, anger, and fear are covered.

There are 127 pages total full of things to do. The pages feature a somewhat muted soft color scheme and feature all sorts of different illustrations with a space in the center for you to draw on. The pages are almost identical for both mother and child.  I found crayons and colored pencils to work well on these pages but not markers or gel pens or you risk it bleeding through.

There is really no wrong way to go about the exercises. During and later on, you can look with your child at was drawn and contemplate together through discussion. This certainly will help bring your relationship closer together through meaningful and intentional quality time.

The book is definitely a keepsake item you’ll both want to look back upon. Hands-on exercises I find are always the best way to connect together so I recommend this book highly.26

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