First Bread of the “BER” months

I’m pleased that even though it’s a roaring upper 90s outside that I brought myself to cook a dessert bread for my family. Everyone is all about Fall and I’m all there with them but the truth is, Summer isn’t officially over on the calendar till Friday, September 22nd. That’s right, Summer is here to stay in Oregon for three more weeks.  I want to get all the cool weather clothes out so badly but I’m stopping myself and enjoying these last few weeks of warm weather and sunny skies. Autumn is my favorite season so I’m really eager for the season change though! 

I’d be crazy right now to heat up my house more so I actually used my Instant Pot electric pressure cooker ( a purchase I haven’t regretted making at all!)  to make today’s bread! It took roughly 15 minutes to throw together, 60 minutes to cook, and another 20 to cool off. The best part, my house didn’t get hot like it would with baking in an oven!

I followed a recipe which I found on The Ministry of Curry Blog to make Zucchini Bread. Don’t tell the kids but they just ate a vegetable and a fruit (raisins) and LOVED it.  I wanted to add nuts but we didn’t have any on hand. The bread isn’t fluffy but denser. I personally think it tastes great with a cup of coffee and even better with a mug of hot black tea. I’ll certainly be making this again.

Next on my list is to use up a single can of pumpkin I snagged at Trader Joes not too long ago. I found a Pumpkin Bread recipes which looks fantastic. I like making bread and muffins on the weekend because having a ready to go breakfast on Sunday morning ensure we are more likely to all get out the door for the 8 am service. We usually leave home at 7:30 am. So getting the kids out of the bed early and them having a decent breakfast is so important. The baked goods don’t seem like much but they fill the stomach till we get back home.