Draw 50 Outer Space {Book Review}

“Draw 50 OutSpace” by Lee J. Ames with Erin Harvey is a step-by-step drawing book that will appeal to any space enthusiast.  In this book, one is prompted to mimic the making of space-themed pictures. There are astronauts, space stations, rockets, planets, space rocks, satellites, rovers, and a plethora of other space-themed things.

This book has a To The Reader, To The Parent, 50 things to draw, and an About The Author And Illustration section. The drawing method in this book is step-by-step. You can start with the first, next, or ending picture to draw your own version of it. The author encourages the student to start where they feel comfortable. He gives many great tips on starting and finishing your piece.

As pointed out in the book, the only drawing tools you will need are a medium or soft pencil, paper, a kneaded eraser, and if preferred, a pen or brush and ink. I like the author was helpful in providing this information. The pictures within are all in pencil with no color. The pictures are realistic and not in a cartooning typestyle.

I’m using this book along with our homeschool science studies. I’m drawing the images alongside my children. I’m teaching them to have fun with it and that the picture doesn’t have to be exact.  It’s been great practice drawing single pictures. We plan on compiling many of the different drawings together into a single picture as we go along.

Whether a beginner artist or more advanced, I feel one will reap from the advice given by the author and the drawing instruction style to follow. I recommend this book to those that love outer space, drawing, and a good challenge.



I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion.