Back to School 2017

After a short break in the Summer season, we started back on schooling this month. Though we take a break, I still look for opportunities for the kids to learn whether it be field trips, documentaries, non-fiction books, hands-on-experiments, and so forth.  They are always learning but we don’t keep to an as strict schedule ( if you can call it that) as we do during the cooler months. 

Our official back to school pictures haven’t happened yet. The weather was first too hot and smokey to be outside and then it was pouring rain. I’ll take the cool air and pouring rain any day. Shortly after we started back, two out of the three kids got sick + the husband. I never fully got sick but ended up being very tired with a killer headache for a few days. Lack of sleep being up with a sick toddler will do that to you.

I’m pleased that though we aren’t 100% back to feel completely well, we got back to it today. We’ve been easing back into schooling all month. Our main subjects are math, grammar, language arts, science, and history. Both kids are doing Saxon Math and Easy Grammar. Melody is doing 4th-grade work this year and Owen 2nd grade. We do a little of this and little of that. Whatever the kids are interested in, I try to find ways to make it into a study lesson.

Lydia is getting in on the action too. I’ve been working with her on numbers, shapes, and ABCs since she wants to do school as well. I think her favorite subjects are art and dancing right now.

Life is can be busy, crazy, and chaotic sometimes especially when it comes to teaching and raising children but one thing is for certain that it is the most blessed.