Stick it to ‘Em: Playful Stickers to Color & Create by Bailey Fleming {Review}

This Summer season I sent by the QuartoKnows Publishing Group the book  Stick it to ‘Em: Playful Stickers to Color & Create by Baily Fleming.   I love coloring, decorating and being creative in fun new ways so I was certainly interested in this title.  I enjoyed collecting and using stickers as a kid and still love them even now. An opportunity to not just color but to create my very own to customize my notebooks, binders, and snail mail to friends and family sounded like a great idea. 

I want to point out that this book is more geared to teens/adults ages, not children. There are stickers in this book I really like and others I don’t really care for. The inappropriate ones are sassy and the others make light of the use of alcoholic drinks.  Only about 20% of the book is made up of the stickers I don’t care for. I am going to remove those since I won’t use them and since I share this book with my children.

What makes this book stand out is that it’s not just a book of stickers to create or color but it’s a guide in how to do so. The author has an entire section dedicated to art tools, lettering techniques, simple doodles to draw, and step-by-step instructions to achieve certain artistic styles. She doesn’t make anything overwhelming but achievable to get creative and find your own unique style with the tips she gives. 

There are 35 pages of stickers. Some of the stickers will be in full-color ready to use however you’d like. The remaining stickers can be colored in followed by blank sticker frames to draw and color your own design in. The book is laid out well and easy to store on the shelf or a drawer till the next time one decides to use it for art or as a reference.

I love the llama, cupcakes, doughnuts, pizza heart, the ocean creatures, flowers, and the different frames illustrations. I’ll be using this book quite a bit in the next few months in decorating my notebooks for crafting, art, and teaching.

Back to school is upon us and getting all that gear personalized to your own personal likes and styles may just need some sticker fun and inspiration. This book just may be the jumping point and fun addition to get there.

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