Slow Down Embracing the Everyday Moments of Motherhood {Book Review}


Slow Down Embracing the Everyday Moments of Motherhood by author and musician Nichole Nordeman is written by a mom for other moms. This book is suitable for new mothers as well as for moms that have been at it for awhile. It’s really a gentle nudge to not miss out on the everyday moments. Parenting is hard, life is busy, and if we blink time will go by so quickly that we find ourselves really missing out on those moments we can’t get back. 

Being in the moment can sometimes be hard, especially if your brain just won’t slow down! Nichole shares her heartfelt stories about her own motherhood walk in hopes to encourage us that it’ll be okay. She does a great job in offering a fresh and welcome perspective. Her writing style is as if she’s speaking to readers like dear friends urging us to see and take hold of everyday moments and situations whether they be the ones we see as perfect and those that are especially not.

This book is laid out nicely. There are cute little illustrations and full-color photos of children throughout this hardcover book. There are 14 chapters from Nichole with guest writers sharing their two-cents as well. I loved the many different perspectives, advice, and types of families mentioned from single moms, etc.  At the end of each chapter are questions to ask yourself about your family and children. There are also blank lined pages to gather many thoughts.

This book will challenge and encourage you to slow down, not miss out on these moments, and to savor this time and your children for what it is and who they are. Time really does go by so quickly. I certainly recommend this book to every mom and it certainly would be a great choice to gift to a mother.




* I have received this book for free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*