Once Upon A Time Bible For Little Ones {Board-book Review}

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Once Upon a Time Bible for Little Ones is a Bible Story book that features eight stories taken from both the Old and New Testament. This book is offered in padded front and back cover board book style or e-book format depending on your preferred preference.  Its simplified retelling makes it ideal for children within the four to the eight-years-old range.

Each story is covered on four pages. The stories feature a title, scripture reference, a short-retelling, and something to remember. All stories begin with the phrase “Once Upon and Time” and end with the Happily Ever After section which sums up what truth/promise to remember from the story.

The stories included are God Creates the World (Creation), Noah Builds an Ark (The Great Flood), Baby Moses in the River, Hannah’s Prayer, Mary and The Angel,  Baby Jesus is Born, The Boy Who Helped Feed Crowds, and He Lives (the resurrection of Jesus). There are four stories from each testament of the Bible.

The colorful illustrations are a life-like cartoon style. The pictures do well to demonstrate what is going on in the story. I am pleased there is nothing frightening or potentially scary for children.

I like that a not very known or included in children’s Bible storybook was included. This story that I speak is off Hannah.

Though the book reads Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After, it is stressed on the back cover of the book that the stories in the book are no fairy tale but actually happened.

This book is a good read-aloud. It’s an ideal pick for devotion times and before bed.



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