Northwest Heat Wave: The Worst is Over!

Those who follow the news and weather will know it’s been abnormally hot in the Northwest. Not only are we dealing with temperatures 10-15 degrees above average but the air quality too.  The air has been affected by all the forest fires in Oregon and Washington. It’s been deemed unhealthy and highly recommended to keep children indoors and those with health and breathing issues like asthma.

I go out to water the plants and tend to the chickens whom also are really disliking this weather and my eyes burn and I start having coughing fits. The baby has been more clogged up too so we aren’t opening the windows at night to let cooler air in because of health concerns.

It hasn’t been a fun August so far when it comes to enjoying time outside.  It seems like the only thing thriving in my yard right now is the tomato plants ( I didn’t plant they just started growing) and the roses. My sunflowers are just days away from opening and that’s certainly been something I’m looking forward to because I so adore them!

You can forget to try to keep a bedtime in this heat. It doesn’t start really cooling off in our home until 10pm at night. Even though we have fans and an AC unit the heats keeps us at a steady 83-85 when it’s over 90 degrees outdoors. The hundred days were the worst so I’m really glad to have my InstantPot for meals (pressure cooked, steamed, and using the crockpot function) that don’t need a ton of preparation.  Other meals were things like hotdogs, taco salad, and fajitas that were quick and not too heavy.

We were going to ease back into the school year starting this week but with the plumbing issues (basically all drains were backed up) last week and the heat this week I deemed it best to wait till the first week of September. I’m seriously glad for all parties involved that the plumbing was fixed last week when it was much cooler.  Washing dishes outdoors, etc… would not have been a fun task this week though it wasn’t fun last week either but we made do.

I feel so bad for my chickens. We’ve seen a decrease in eggs and I’m not surprised. I got a standing mister for them and it helps but later in the day when it’s at its hottest, they still spread their wings out wide and are panting to try to keep cool. It’s rougher on my black chickens.  I hose down their run and put ice packs in their water to keep it cooler throughout the day. They’ve had chilled melons and other treats. Since there’s not more than that I can do we all just have to make due till these temperatures pass.

If you can’t tell, I’m done with the heat and pretty sure the rest of my family is too. I bet you couldn’t guess that Autumn is my favorite season. I’m already counting down the days till it gets here. Praying the rest of August is far more bearable.