Mostly Wordless Wednesday: End of Summer Camping

We spent the weekend camping with friends. We only traveled about 40 minutes from home to a campground called Promontory Park located in Estacada Oregon.  It’s a few days later but we are still feeling the effects it had into our daily routine.  The kids eat less and don’t rest as much because of all the excitement plus my oldest always gets bad car sickness if we travel more than 15 minutes or so down the road. There and back she got sick even with the cold air blowing and sitting in the front seat. We have come to the assumption we are just going to have to give her Dramamine® for Kids for future further adventures down the road and to always wear Seabands.  

I will post more about our trip in another post but wanted to share a few photos today before the day gets away from me. Camping was fun. We fished, hiked, fellowshipped with friends, played games, ate yummy camping foods, and got to explore a new to us place. I absolutely love exploring new places.

Above is a  picture of the girls. I tried to get their brother to pose by the tree too but he was too busy playing. Getting all three kids in the same photos these days proves quite the task.  The baby well which is now a toddler is nearly 16 months old in this picture and my oldest daughter is 9 years and 3 months old.

I adore this picture of my husband showing our son how to fish. Many thanks to our friends for bringing and letting us borrow their fishing gear. I’m thinking we may need to invest in our own.  I’ve been fishing for most of my life starting from when I was four years old. I always enjoyed those trips with my family.

 It’s certainly been a busy time with the amazing eclipse that happened Monday, meal prepping for another week of 90-100s temperatures, and back to school in less than two weeks.