Molang: Season One {DVD Review}

Molang: Season 1 is a sweet and happy offering that is full of fun & adventure. The characters in this series will surely win a place in most children’s and adults hearts! The take away in the stories teach the importance of friendship, caring for others, being unified, working together, and respecting others and everything else around us.  

In the stories, the character’s problem-solving in interesting and unique ways. These adventures can offer a great jumping board to questioning a child in how they might have solved the same dilemma in a similar everyday situation.

I adore the look of this cartoon. The backgrounds are simple yet interesting to look at. The color choices give you the warm fuzzies. The pattern choices and the color schemes are perfect for the changing seasons and situations. There are no scary scenes or images throughout which is important to me with young sensitive children.

There is no actual dialog instead the characters make happy animal type voice noises. The voices are in no way annoying. I like that the story is told visually and with music. The music changes with each scene, scenario and new thing that is happening. Because of this, the series is suitable for those of all languages and ages. My children ages 9, 6, and 1 years old all love Molang!

There are fifity-two stories on this DVD which makes runtime 185 minutes. There are stories about going to the beach, camping, caring for pets, and many more! Each story is only a few minutes long. This series isn’t busy or loud but takes a more laid-back kinda feel. I enjoy watching this one with my children and can’t recommend it enough.


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