If You’re Happy and You Know It (A Sing-Along Book)

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My 15-month-old loves the song If You’re Happy and You Know It, in fact, it was the first song she ever responded to with actions at a few months old. Anytime it’s sung she smiles and claps her hands. Now she says some of the words like clap, stomp, and yay (hooray) and responds in actions too.  When I discovered If You’re Happy and You Know It (A Sing-Along Book) I knew it would be a wonderful addition to her book collection!

If You’re Happy and You Know It (A Sing-Along Book) illustrated by Barbara Szepesi Szucs is adorable! It features a number of different types animals and insects. There’s a bat, elephant, cat, mouse, turtle, giraffe, butterfly, ladybug, snail, worm, and many more fun characters. The animal friends go throughout their day playing together at a park that has slides, swings, seesaws, a jungle gym, a sandbox, and even a merry-go-round!  What fun to sing such a joyous song while skipping rope, playing ball, and enjoying everything else a park with friends has to offer.

The illustrations really are a delight to look at. The coloring isn’t too soft nor too vibrant but somewhere in the middle.  There are so many fun things going on. The animals expressions of happiness are captured perfectly. I really like all the detail put into this book, even the sun in the sky is smiling!


The very last page features the musical score sheet music to the song. This addition makes this not just a book for the littlest of children but also for slightly older children that may be learning to play this song on a Piano. The sheet music features the first round of the song ( but the book includes the second and third round…i.e stomp your feet& shout hooray). I like all the rounds are featured and we can learn the whole song as it was written. If a child is going to play the whole song, they can do so because the tune is the same for all rounds.

This book is great for beginner readers. Even if they don’t know all the words, they’ll recognize them as words paired with music tends to be remembered far easier.

Whether read or sung this is a wonderful book to share. It’s size and durable board book pages and cover ensure it will last for years to come. I can’t wait to discover the rest in this sing a long series.


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