Foundations of Drawing by Al Gury {Book Review}

Foundations of Drawing by Al Gury is more of an educational resource on the history of art yet also providing information on techniques, styles, drawing materials, skills, and a few exercises in drawing certain things like still-lifes, buildings, etc. The building blocks into understanding art are all in this book so it’s quite suitable for a beginner art student, an art enthusiast, or both! I feel that this book proves a useful tool and resource in a greater understanding of this form of self-expression.

There are five chapters in this 213-page book. It’s a hefty book for certain! The chapters are What is Drawing? Why Can’t Draw a Straight Line? Essential History of Drawing, Essential Drawing Materials, Essential Drawing Skills, Essential Aesthetics in Drawing, Essential Drawing Demonstrations.

This book has many illustrations and photos throughout. Art pieces from the early 15th century to present day are throughout.  I would stress this is not a book for children as there are quite a bit of nude art images. The art images are no different than what you’d likely see in a museum but I wanted to make sure I pointed that out. There’s nothing lewd in the art pieces just the display of the human body.

I personally really enjoyed the techniques on shading, how to hold certain tools, the names of specific styles with an illustration to show what it is, and the rich history. I have learned so much already from this book and feel I will go back to it again and again as I grow my art skills and knowledge.

Overall this is a foundational book that I feel one can reap much knowledge from.

* I have received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*