WearABible.com Jewelry

Wear the Word of God Wherever You Go with WearABible

This year a new jewelry line launched that contains world’s smallest Bible in tiny chip! I received one of this beautiful pieces and love the uniqueness of it.  This piece has the ability to help one share their faith in Christ as one may be intrigued by its looks. 

Wearing the Word of God gives one the simple reminder that God is with them wherever they go. Reminders often help us get about our day much better giving that boost of confidence or the peacefulness we need when everything seems to be going in a downward spiral.

The necklace I received is made well. The chain is strong yet delicate. The cross looks lovely and pairs nicely with everything I wear.  It came in the long black box that’s ideal for gifting. In the box, there’s also a little pouch to store the necklace in when it’s not being worn. It’s a fun gift that may be perfect for that person who may already seem to have everything.

WearABible, features both beautifully crafted necklaces and bracelets with the world’s smallest bible inserted into each and every piece. 10% of each sale is given to active duty troops and veteran organizations.

The jewelry will be sold exclusively online through the new line’s ecommerce site, www.WearABible.com.