The Story of Noah’s Ark Illustrated by Helen Dardik {review}

My one-year-old daughter is at the perfect age and stage for picture books. I like to make sure we’ve got fun, educational and because of our faith religious books for her to gaze about and listen to me read.  Recently, we were introduced to Helen Dardik’s take on The Story of Noah’s Ark. This newly released picture book caught my attention and that of my youngest child right away with its fun looking vibrantly colored illustrations. 

The book features a soft padded cover and the pages are durable enough to take repeated opening, closing, and flipping through from not always the most careful of hands.  There are 24 pages total and each of the pages features a short sentence or two.

The story starts with Noah and his families building the ark and ending with God’s Promise to never flood the earth again. In between, we see the building of the ark, the collecting of animals, the great flood, the waiting to find dry land, and the family beginning to make a new home on the dry land. Children will be reminded of God’s great promise and how much he loves us everytime they to see a rainbow.

This book is a lovely retelling in a simplified format that is perfect for babies to children around the age of five. This book would be a wonderful addition to the home, a relative’s place ( like Grandparents or Aunt/Uncles), a Sunday school classroom, or a for a caregiver/sitter to share with a child or many children. We can’t wait to see the next books in this brand new line published by Running Press Kids.

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(This book fully releases on June 6th, b2017 but can be purchased digitally or in Board w/ padded covers format right now at pre-order pricing)

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