The Berenstain Bears Friendship Blessings Collection {Book Review}

We adore the Berenstain Bears in my home. I enjoyed these stories growing up and am pleased that more are being written and released so my own kids can enjoy them too. We recently have been reading and enjoying every minute of the Berenstain Bears Living Lights treasury called Friendship Blessings Collection. This book is a fantastic collection of five books in 1! 

The stories in this book are full of characteristics listening ears and eager readers should model. We see the importance life lessons and values revolving around being a kind, making right choices,  how we should treat those different than ourselves, and so forth.  Each story begins with a Bible verse to give readers a glimpse into what the story will be about. Each story takes 5-10 minutes to read depending on who is reading. My 6 1/2 year old is a good reader and it takes him a little longer than if I was reading it. I appreciate none of the words were too difficult for him to sound out and read aloud. He reads the stories with confidence.

This collection includes:

  • The Perfect Fishing Spot
  • Reap the Harvest
  • Faithful Friends
  • Kindness Counts
  • God Made You Special

Three of the stories in the book ends with an “Activities and Questions from Brother and Sister Bear” section. In this section, there are questions to ask a child that follow the story. For example from the story “Faithful Friends”, one of the questions is “Have you ever felt left out by a friend? What do you think God would want you to do when that happens?”. I’ve even felt this way as an adult, it’s important to surround ourselves with Godly examples and solutions in these sorta situations so we are always modeling Christ in our lives like these.

The activities suggested involve crafts, a physical movement like playing follow the leader, creating a poster, organizing family hobby days, etc. I think it’s great there are activity suggestions for some of the stories. Activities will help what was read and learned stick. My kids tend to remember things better by not just listening but doing. So this is a great addition to the book!

Since getting this book I have passed along some of our single Berenstain Bears Living Lights books that are included in the Treasury. We don’t have a lot of space so having books combined is a huge space saver. Plus, it’s nice being about to bring one book along such as this on a trip, vacation, etc instead of several.  I certainly recommend this great new offering!

Required Federal Trade Commission Disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the Zonderkidz, Z Blog Squad blogger review program in exchange for an honest review.