Melody’s 9th Birthday

Melody turned 9 years old last week. 9! I can hardly believe this will be her last year sporting a single digit age. Next year is the big 1-0. Wow! She’s been all into Zelda: Breath of the Wild a game available on the WiiU and on the recently released Switch (One guess what the kids want for Christmas). It was no surprise that she wanted a Zelda themed cake for her birthday this year.  

We ordered the cake from our newly favorite bakery which we discovered from a Gingerbread House event put on by our local science museum. The cakes are moist, the frosting sweet but not overly, and the consistency is perfect. We don’t often have cake but for birthdays we like splurging on our kids.  Melody’s cake features white frosting on the choclate cake with strawberry jam between the layers. It was delicious and beautiful.

On Melody’s birthday, she got a free White Chocolate Bark Mint Freeze from Dutch Brothers. They even topped it off with happy rainbow sprinkles. Her special meal of choice was take out from Pine Garden, our favorite Chinese restaurant.

We plan on taking Melody to the local amusement park later this Summer season because we enjoy and the kids really favor experience gifts over most material items. However, if I do plan on purchasing something for the kids,  I take them shopping so they can pick out what they like or if it’s something else it’s specifically what they’ve been asking or hoping for. Melody’s shown a strong interest in what she likes so aside from certain rules, religious and otherwise we are fine with her making her own choices on things like her own clothes and game choices. 

On her birthday weekend which is always before Memorial Day, we visited the library and went to the park with friends and later family. In the picture above, you can see my family spread out visiting a local park for fun times after dessert at Burgerville. Near the front of the picture is Grandma Becky, my husband Justin, and Lydia. In the far back Owen and Melody are having fun playing with Grandpa. Aunt Megan is in the photo too but she’s near me which is behind the camera.  I didn’t take that many photos because Lydia was tired as it was past her going to bed time and she needed hugs from mommy. If I have any others to share from this visit from Grandma, I will.

My Mom (Grammy Janet)  sent Melody $5.00 and funds for us to bake cupcakes together as gift. We plan on doing this soon and sharing about our experience. Melody likes helping me make sweets but we also plan on baking and making other things as our school year is coming to a close for the Summer soon.

Overall a good 9th Birthday! It was low key this year and not a big party since car issues and not needing to overspend on the budget but she enjoyed it and told us so!