I Am Devotional 100 Devotions About the Names of God {Book Review}

I Am Devotional 100 Devotions About the Names of God   is an exceptionally well thought out and written book for families of young children between the ages of 6-10 years old to share together. I applaud author Diane Stortz and illustrated by Diane Le Feyer for such a wonderful collection geared toward boys and girls. 

This book focuses on the names of God and spends an adequate amount of time explaining each through a devotional. The devotional is applicable to children of today. Devotions start with the name of God and some include a pronunciation. Devotions differ from focusing on Biblical characters, memorable historical events, etc.  Each devotional starts with a Bible verse followed by a prayer, a few questions to answer, and completely ends with a”Go Deeper” section which points readers to look up a scripture verse(es) that also can be applied to what was read.

I really like the fact the Go Deeper section is included. It teaches children early on to not just read a book about the Bible but to actually dig deep into the Word of God through their actual Bibles.  The questions about what was read are equally as good. Everything we reap from the Word of God we should contemplate in how it applies to us. This is a perfect jump start for spiritual journaling and what better away than to engage in knowing who God is by his glorious holy names.


What drew me right away to this book was the cover! The hardcover is beautifully illustrated with a picture depiction of Moses and the burning bush. If you run your hand over the front cover you’ll feel that the image is slightly raised from actual glitter sparkles used to make the fire stand out. My kids thought it was a great touch. Aside from the front cover, the illustrations on the inside of the book are just as beautifully eye drawing and amazingly captivating! This book hits the mark in making the visual stimuli just as a engaging as the words on the pages!

My husband and I can read through one of the devotional sections in about 15 minutes. We roughly make our reading time about half and hour long since the kids like to stop us reading mid story eagerly asking questions and sharing things they already knew.

This book was created to last! The hardcover is very durable and the pages within are thick and glossy. To keep ones place, there’s a ribbon place keeper. I feel this book should grace the library of every home and church! It’s wonderfully different and good way to encourage studying and growing in God by learning about who He is. They learn how He’s known as a creator, comforter, friend, healer, and so much more. I highly recommend it!

*The I Am Devotional is the perfect companion to I Am, the Bible storybook that first introduced children to the names and character of God. *

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