Grad Gift Idea: Notebook Doodles Go Girl!: Coloring & Activity Book {Review}

Jess Volinski’s coloring book Notebook Doodles Go Girl!: Coloring & Activity Book is an inspiring and empowering book for girls.  It’s full of encouraging, inspiring, and positive phrases to color and activities that can help build self-confidence. It’s geared toward elementary and middle school grades but also a good choice not just for the young but for the young at heart.

Notebook Doodles Go Girl! has 30 interactive art activities. Instead of just being a book with illustration after illustrations to color, there are art lessons, color palette suggestions, 8 pages of examples already colored, and quotes for every design. I was surprised and delighted by all the effort that went into making this book something different and special.

I found that the paper thickness works well for gel pens, markers, colored pencils, watercolors, and crayons.  I used colored Sharpie markers on the design above. It did bleed through a bit with the markers I used but with other inks like gel pens, this issue doesn’t happen.

Each page is perforated, so when it’s finished, it can be removed to place in a room or to give as a gift to someone that may need the encouragement. Also, if you are worried about your art medium bleeding through, taking the page out to color it is a good idea.

I really like this book. The activity pages have things like write 20 words that describe who you are, doodle or write about things or activities you like, etc. On the back of all the illustration pages are quotes from people from years ago to present day like Bruce Lee, Shakespeare, Helen Keller,  Emma Stone and many more.

This book is empowering. It’s a great reminder to those of all ages that are important as well as beautiful We celebrate who we are together and apart to be the very best that we possibly can. I love this motivational coloring and activity book.  I plan on coloring and gifting many of the illustrations to my nine-year-old daughter and hanging them in her room. She’s not that much into coloring but I’m happy I can gift her words of inspiration to know how important and loved that she is.

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* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*