God Loves Daddy and Me {Board Book Review}

I received this book free from by FrontGate Media to facilitate this review


God Loves Daddy and Me by Bonnie Rickner Jensen and illustrated by Laura Watkins is an adorable board book that highlights the bond and the love a father and child share together.

This bond between a father and child is demonstrated in a number of ways on each page. There are scenes of the pair paddling a boat on a lake, building pillow and blanket forts,  walking & talking outdoors, helping each other during the  chore or raking leaves,  playing hide-and-seek amongst the branches, roasting a marshmallow over a fire on the beach in the evening,  saying prayers together at bedtime, forgiving when something goes wrong and tucking in the little one in at bedtime. 

The illustrations by Laura Watkins are delightful. The attention to detail found in all the nature scenes is applaudable. I love the bright and colorful leaves.  The different shades colors mixed together for the sky is nice.  The evening beach scene with a light glow from the fireflies is one of my favorites.  The character expressions of joy, happiness, sadness, and so forth are displayed very well. This is such a fun book not just to read but to look at together.

I feel that a child as young as one year old and as old as six would enjoy this book whether reading it on their own or having it read to them. It’s a great book to read between a Daddy and a child. This book is a reminder of the blessing of a Daddy and of God and how he especially cares for our relationships with Him as well as with our papas.

Overall the book is a beautiful demonstration of unfailing love, forgiveness, working together, having fun counting our blessings and thankfulness. It’s a perfect anytime to read book and I feel the activities and happenings are very relatable for most children.


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